My name is William Dalton. I make stuff and listen to a lot of music.

I run a magazine called WHAT HYPE.

New music from yours truly with… what’s this? Vocals!? Yeah but hopefully they’re unintelligible enough haha

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Keyboard shortcuts are one of the biggest joys in life

Yes I guess

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Just had to pay for an internet connection. Being a “grown-up” is scary and also rubbish


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“Does this
look like

an original poem by William Dalton

Here’s a couple of demos I made today with my new synth. It makes some nice sounds.


Merchandise - ‘Anxiety’s Door’ from Totale Nite (2013)

Saw these guys on Tuesday… very excited for the new album!


Parquet Courts - ‘Instant Disassembly’ from Sunbathing Animal (2014)

My fave song from their new album… long, but wow is it worth it

2014 Albums to look forward to

Or at least, this is what I’m looking forward to in the next few months…

Jack White - Lazaretto(June 10)

White Fence - To The Recently Found Innocent(July 22)

Merchandise - After The End (August 26)

The Growlers - Chinese Fountain

Allah Las - tbc

DIIV - tbc

Radiohead - tbc (apparently)


Tivoli Rollercoaster (2010)

Rollercoaster in Tivoli, Copenhagen. From one of my very first rolls of film.

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